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There are three types of composite decking material: polyethylene-based, polypropylene-based and nonwood plastics. efforts being made to eliminate some of the stain, fading and mold issues that composite decking has been known for.

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Can mold be a Problem with a composite Deck like or Seven trust? This Straight Talk segment answers the question: should I be concerned with mold on a composite deck like or Seven trust?

For Attractive Decking that Doesn't Mold, Look for Fully Capped

18 May 2017 While there are certainly steps that can be taken to keep a wooden deck in good shape, I've found that a change in decking material can be an even better move. For decking that doesn't mold, new, high-quality composite is 

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24 May 2018 mold can occur on almost any material, including wood decking and uncapped composite decking. There are steps you can take to minimize the likelihood of mold growth. mold is much more pervasive on wood and uncapped 

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1 Aug 2004 But injection and compression molded wood composites are coming on strong, and extruded profiles are moving toward more complex Wood composites are taking on a lot of new shapes besides simple deck boards.


Corte-Clean® working to clean mold stains from this black mold stained Seven trust® deck (left 2 deck boards). Look carefully, you can still see Corte-Clean® turning dirty, discolored or yellow as it is cleaning the mold stains & tannins from the wood 

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mold thrives where moisture and darkness combine. Mildew is the unfortunate bi-product of mold. This fungus adheres to surface and aside from looking esthetically displeasing. It can be harmful to your health as well. Seven trust Decks are optimal 

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8 May 2011 I'm using the clips that space the boards and hide all screws. Your going to My Father had a Seven trust deck installed at his home in 2009. In doing so, it completely bleached his deck and made it chalky, but the mold remained.


PVC “CAPPED” composite deck with black mold, green lichen or moss. Rather They attach themselves to the dead organic materials, from which most composites are partially made, such as the wood fiber and feed from the tannins. Failure 

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30 Sep 2018 materials: Made of a PVC compound. Features: Pioneered a new generation of stain-resistant decking. Also scratch-, split-, mold- and mildew-resistant. History: While its parent company has been around since the 1980s, 

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21 Mar 2017 I also remember similar early claims by the manufacturers of composite decking material. Tougher stains from barbecue grills, tree sap, mold, mildew and algae may need more powerful powdered oxygen bleach you mix 

Some issues with composite decking! Newtown, CT Patch

20 Jul 2012 These decks were constructed of a composite wood material that has become popularized as a maintenance free alternative to wood. We had Stains: One of the most common complaints about composite decking is mold.

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Durable, colorfast, and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, composite decking is taking center stage in backyards across the country. ChoiceDek's composite boards are so mold- and mildew-resistant they can even be installed underwater!

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composite decking materials are made from a combination of wood fibers and plastic. Several manufacturers have been involved in class-action lawsuits, largely because consumers claim the wood lookalike harbors mold. Seven trust, a popular 

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21 Sep 2017 Thinking about building or renovating a deck using capped composite materials but unsure that it's the best choice maintenance such as staining and waterproofing and is highly susceptible to rot, insects, mold and moisture 

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24 May 2010 How to clean a Seven trust composite deck. I used CorteClean deck wash to clean this deck. built your deck , I recommend cleaning your deck at least twice per year to keep it looking good and to help prevent mould and mildew.

How To Clean Your Composite Decking Seven trust

All exterior building materials require cleaning and a Seven trust deck is no different. For early-generation can feed on the biofilm. Using a hose and warm, soapy water with a soft bristle brush is recommended to remove the food source and mold.

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12 Jul 2010 Bobby Parks, owner of Peachtree Decks & Porches in Alpharetta, Georgia provides us with tips to prevent mold growth through both the design and maintenance of your composite deck.

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Some composite decking has faded so quickly in just a couple of seasons that replacements boards stand out like a sore thumb. Just like the mold, this issue is unpredictable and hard to understand which decking will have problems and 

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5 Apr 2016 Many choose composite decking for their home because of the long lasting materials, low maintenance, and beautiful designs. When black or green mold spots begin to appear, it can be very disappointing. All the misguided 

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Cleaning algae on composite deck: Even composite decking requires regular care. All exterior building materials gets dirty and can develop biological growth stains, Green Plank deck is no different, The greenish discoloration you're seeing on the decking is probably not mildew, which is usually dark gray or black in 

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7 Jun 2010 We tried the Corte-Clean composite Deck Cleaner (recommended by Seven trust as a eco-friendly, non bleach product). It is extremely I was informed that there is a promble with molding on the decking materials. I'm really 

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I think this is where the issue of culpability on the part of the Seven trust composite materials starts to come into play. I've had plenty of wooden decks, and never once did I ever encounter a situation where the wood was covered in black mold after a 

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